Police have Monday confirmed receiving a formal statement from Sandra Teta on her alleged battering by boyfriend, Singer Weasle Manizo.

Photos of a seemingly bruised Teta widely made rounds on social media in Uganda last week, with many requesting for justice for her, while others encouraged her to return ‘home’ in Rwanda.

Many social media users asked authorities to reign-in on the singer and have him face the law for the beastly act. However, a post on the former beauty queen’s socials later came out and dismissed the reports.

While addressing reporters at Naguru, Police spokesperson, SCP Fred Enanga, noted that case is being pursued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID).

“The is being handled at the CID, the investigations are progressing. We have had the statements for the alleged victims since she did not report the case her self. There have been a lot of social media hype as well as many giving different versions of what happened,” Enanga said.

“We shall be getting a formal report on that investigation. The Director Criminal Investigations would wish to come up with a report without consolidating the facts. We want the facts to come out clearly and then we eventually release a statement to the public,” he added.

The police spokesperson further said that they are also following up on related developments on social media including a clip that recently, indicated that the two lovers – Weasle and the alleged victim, having happy moments.

The disheartening photo was shared by Ugandan journalist, Gabriel Bule, captioning it “Check on her bambi Weasel will kill her one day”.

In a dramatic turn of events, however, Teta seemingly played down the reports that she was beaten by Weasel via her Instagram, a post which Weasel shared on the Radio & Weasel Facebook page captioning it “No Comment, My lovely wife is home and responding to treatment.”

Teta’s post claimed that was attacked by ‘unknown goons’ who also stole her phone, handbag and 1.3 million Ugandan shillings in cash, an incident which reportedly happened last week.

Social media enthusiasts were quick to point out that the statement was made by Weasel, who reportedly has access to her social media accounts. Plus News did not independently verify these claims.

“Weasel stop using her phone please?? So, goons have been attacking her even the last times [when you beat her]?? It’s only Pallaso escaping the Mayanja temper problem,” posted one Shan Reagan.

“The unknown goons also abandoned her children outside a stranger’s gate?” asked Bruno Wambede, another social media user.

Social media users were also quick to point out that if the thugs attacked her, how about a photo of a seemingly angry Weasel abandoning their two children in a bar parking which is circulating on social media?

An audio file circulating on Whatsapp groups by a person who claims to be Teta’s friend in Kampala, claimed that it is not the first time Weasel has beaten up Teta with whom she has two children, alleging that sometimes he beats her in public.

“It is not the first time. He beats her all the time. Last time he slapped her at an after party we had attended, in public,” the female voice claims, adding that she needs to be helped.

Some reports indicate that Teta has always been afraid of reporting Weasel, real name Douglas Mayanja, whenever he beats her up because she fears the Mayanja family, from which the Good Lyfe singer hails, would make her pay the price.

The latest incident between the two comes two months after Weasel announced plans to officially wed the Rwandan beauty.

The pair have been dating since late 2018 when Weasel was an old friend of Sandra from Rwanda back then. In May 2020, Teta and Weasel welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Ria Mayanja and in July 2021, they welcomed a baby boy, who was named after Weasel’s big brother, Joseph Mayanja.

They made their relationship public when the Rwandan socialite appeared in Weasel’s love song ‘Guwoma’ which in a way officially announced their relationship.

Previously reports had claimed that the two were in a violent relationship mainly resulting from Weasel’s infidelity and insecurities. The audio claims that the fight emanated from Weasel being angry about Teta staying out for long in the night in a Kampala bar where she had an event.

It is further claimed that the angry Weasel reportedly pounced on her as soon as she returned home in the morning, apparently accusing her of staying out long with other men.

It is further alleged that Teta retreated to the bar known as Nomad where she had been, escaping the abusive father of her children. It is reported that Weasel later showed up at the venue with their two children, dumping them in the parking lot.

The blurry photo shows a seemingly angry Weasel in a fit or rage as the two little ones helplessly looked on. Some onlookers are seen in the photo following the drama.

Some social media users claimed that Teta had been warned about Weasel’s violent conduct and a past littered with close to 30 baby mamas, most of whom he parted ways with violently.

The much-awaited wedding now hangs in balance as Teta’s friends and family insist that she should be helped to leave the toxic and violent relationship before she could lose her life.

Weasel Manizo has a history of domestic violence and his former girlfriends; Samira, Talia Kassim Katoroogo tasted his wrath.

According to reports in Uganda, at one point, Jose Chameleone’s ‘ex-wife’, Daniella Atim took to Instagram and advised Talia Kassim to leave the toxic relationship after she complained to her of continuous beatings from Weasel.

Mutesi Winnie

Mutesi Winnie is an award winning broadcast and multimedia Ugandan Journalist with experience spanning 10 years.

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