A Special Force’s Command (SFC) officer attached to the Field Artillery Regiment in Waza Nakaseke district has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and 40 years for aggravated robbery.

RA /239288 Julius Ecee appeared before the Division Court Martial of 01 Special Forces Group (SFG) of the Special Forces Command (SFC) for trial over allegations of murder contrary to section 188 & 189, and aggravated robbery 285 & 286 of the Penal Code Act. He will his two sentences concurrently starting Wednesday 17th April, 2024 at Luzira government prison.

During a court session held at Loro Town Council in Oyam District, the Division’s chair Lt. Moses Nabaasa ruled that there is no contradiction between the two counts: murder and aggravated robbery and that they do not go to the roots of the case.

He further explained that the convict committed a serious crime whose sentence should deter the others from committing similar offences.

Prosecution led by Lt. David Basiima told court that despite having pleaded not guilty to both crimes, the actions and behaviors of the convict right from the day he escaped with government stores from the barracks to the day he was arrested proves that he was guilty.

“He stole a gun, did not have a permit to move with the gun, moved along distances to area of Oyam where he committed the crime and he gave back the gun after committing the offenses.”

He prayed for a deterrent sentence such as life imprisonment on grounds that the actions of the convict has grievously affected the lives of his victims, and also asked court to award reparation to the victims.

On the other hand, defense counsel Lt. Hilary Rugyendo prayed for a lenient sentence saying the now convict is a youthful first time offender who can still be resourceful to the nation.

However, he had earlier asked court not to find the accused person guilty saying the cardinal principal of criminal law states that an accused person should be convicted on the strength of the case has proved by prosecution and not the weakness of his defense.

Court found that on 25th December 2023, the convictsigned for a weapon SMG 56-6101219 to go for guard duty but instead traveled to Oyam District with the same weapon without authority.

The following day, the convict then used the same gun to rob 65,000 shillings from a hardware shop located in Loro Town council, subsequently shooting and injuring three people; 19- years- old Kizito Isaac Okola, 25-year- old Innocent Obwol and RA 278021 Emmanuel Okello, a solider attached to Nakasongola Air force base.  Okola later died from the hospital where he was admitted for treatment.


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