The Rwizi Police Spokesperson ASP Samson Kasasira says police in the region is investigating circumstances that led to a double homicide of two lovers in Kikura,Rugaga Trading Centre this week.

The two lovers were SFC Commander Brigadier,Private Nuwamanya Dickens who committed suicide after killing lover.

Nuwamanya’s lover was a bar operator at the time of her death who used to operate her bar in Rugaga trading centre.

ASP Kasasira says the cause of the homicide is not yet known since the lovers are both dead .

He adds that if lovers have issues amongst them they should always talk to their friends or confine in someone they trust or confine in the relevant authorities such as police so as to find out a solution rather than killing.

This comes at a time when issues of domestic violence have become rampant in all parts of the country as many say this could be possibly resulting from the increase in prices of commodities used in the day today commodities such as soap .

The domestic violence may be as a result of both parties failing to agree on how best to cope with this .

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