The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda (center) having lunch with members of Parliament today

The newly elected Speaker of Parliament ,Rt.Hon Anita Annet Among who also doubles as the Bukedea Woman MP and other parliamentaries have today on April 20 seen eating from the Parliament canteen.

This comes at a time when there is an increase in the poison claims among top officials following the death of the fallen Speaker of Parliament ,Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah .

During the burial of Oulanyah on April 8 in Ajuri in Omoro District ,Nathan Okori ,the father of the deceased wowed the mourners when he affirmed to them in a teary mood that his son was poisoned.

After the declaration of Oulanyah’s untimely death on March 20 by President Museveni on Twitter ,Mzee Okori first told some people while at his home in Omoro that his son was poisoned and Oulanyah had told him about it.This left lots of question marks in what government of Uganda was telling the public that he died of natural causes.

During Oulanyah’s burial there was an unusual wind which swept away the tent in which his body was laying.This led to the rebirth of sorrow among the mourners .

Some Members from the Acholi Parliamentary Caucus such as Gilbert Oulanya while addressing journalists after the event of the wind ,in an angry voice told government to say the truth about the death of Oulanyah because what had happened moments ago was unusual.

The Parliamentarians eating from the Parliament canteen could bring a benefit of doubt about the poison claims in Parliament.

Some MPs such as Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda of Kira Municipality during the special Parliament seating for Oulanyah on April 5 ,said its better to move with your own food rather than buying from Parliament since it could be poisoned.

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