Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, has pledged to address the concerns of the Nubian community.

During a meeting with community leaders led by Mr. Twaha Hassan at parliament on Thursday, Speaker Among emphasized the importance of framing the longstanding issues in a comprehensive petition to Parliament through their area Member of Parliament, Honorable Hassan Kirumira.

The Nubian community had previously raised significant issues such as the need for community projects like schools, hospitals, and other amenities, prompting their engagement with the Speaker.

Speaker Among assured that Parliament would thoroughly address issues falling within its jurisdiction, stating, “I appreciate that you are one of the minorities, but you belong to this country. Some of the issues raised are strategic in nature, and we need to have a formal petition so that the community receives what is rightfully theirs.”

She further reiterated, “This is your home, and if you have any problems, bring them to us, and we will resolve them.”

Honorable Hamson Obua, the Government Chief Whip, expressed government’s commitment to supporting efforts to address the community’s concerns.

“You have eloquently shared your issues with the government. We acknowledge the challenges and will address them. Strategic issues will be thoroughly consulted upon to find the best solutions,” he affirmed.

Mr. Twaha Hassan, who led the community delegation, expressed gratitude to Speaker Among for the audience, expressing optimism for positive outcomes.

“Thank you for this opportunity and for scheduling time to listen to our concerns. We are confident that our concerns will be adequately addressed,” he stated.

Speaker Among tasked the Katikamu South legislator, Kirumira, with collaborating with community leaders to present a comprehensive petition for thorough consideration and resolution.

About the Nubi

According to Professor Mahajubu Abudul a reknown scholar of this community and author of ‘The Nubi Ethnic Minority in Uganda’ that details the identity, indignity, and citizenship of this now recognized indigenous society. His publication identifies that the Nubi have lived in Uganda since 1890 and their inclusion as one of the indigenous communities was in the 1995 constitution.

The Nubi that have their largest settlement in Bombo Luweero district, also settled in several areas of the country including in the West Nile, South Western, Northern, and Eastern regions.

 It was from there that most of them were handpicked to serve as British colonial soldiers in World War 1 and also in their initial plan of colonizing the whole of East Africa.

As a token of appreciation, the British after the World War (11) got into negotiations with then Kabaka of Buganda Daudi Chwa and these were allowed to settle in any part provided they paid allegiance to him and accepted to pay native taxes. That explains how they came to permanently settle in Bombo up to present day.

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