In a major step towards ensuring the safety and security of civilians in Sudan, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have signed a declaration of commitment to protect civilians.

The agreement signed in Jeddah, late on Thursday, recognizes the obligations of both forces under international humanitarian and human rights law to facilitate humanitarian action to meet the emergency needs of civilians.

Under the declaration, the two forces will guide their conduct to enable the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance, the restoration of essential services, the withdrawal of forces from hospitals and clinics, and the respectful burial of the dead.

“Following the signing, the Jeddah Talks will focus on reaching an agreement on an effective ceasefire of up to approximately ten days to facilitate these activities” reads a statement seen by Sudan Tribune issued by the American and Saudi mediators on Friday.

The signing of the declaration will be followed by the Jeddah Talks, which will focus on reaching an agreement on the ceasefire and establishing a U.S-Saudi and international-supported ceasefire monitoring mechanism.

The talks will also address the proposed arrangement for subsequent talks on a permanent cessation of hostilities with Sudanese civilians and regional and international partners.

The step-by-step approach agreed upon by the parties will include consultations with the SAF and RSF about the participation of Sudanese civilians and regional and international partners in subsequent rounds of talks.

The facilitators said optimistic that these discussions will pave the way for a lasting peace agreement in Sudan.

A Sudanese military member of the Sovereign Council said two days ago that the political process would involve all political forces including the non-signatories of the political framework agreement of December 5, 2022.

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