Livestock farmers in Terego district are counting losses following the death of 15 herds of cattle due to the suspected outbreak of black quarter disease.

The most hit areas are Eretpea, Kulua, and Odravu villages in Ejoni Parish Uriama sub-county and parts of Leju Town council. According to the residents in the affected area, the disease started wreaking havoc two weeks ago.

Simon Angupale, a livestock farmer in Eretpea village, Ejoni Parish explains that he has so far lost two cows to the deadly disease. He further disclosed that an infected animal loses body energy which makes it appear weak and suddenly falls and dies.

Ibrahim Adiga Juma, the councilor representing Ejoni Parish to Uriama sub-county notes that livestock farmers in his Parish are now living in fear because of the devastation caused by the diseases which are posing a danger to the livelihood of the farmers.

Black quarter animal disease also known as black leg disease is a severe acute, burning, and highly fatal disease of cattle and sheep caused by Clostridium chauvoei. Usually, the onset is sudden, and a few animals may be found dead without premonitory signs. An infected animal presents with acute, severe lameness, more commonly affecting the hind legs, and marked depression. Initially, there is a fever, but by the time clinical signs are obvious, body temperature may be normal or subnormal.

Kizito Drazua, the acting Terego District Veterinary officer, acknowledged receiving reports of the suspected black quarter disease. According to Dranzua, his team is set to visit the affected areas to investigate the suspected cases for appropriate action. In the meantime, Dranzua appealed to the farmers to be vigilant to avoid the further spread of suspected disease to other parts of the district.

The latest outbreak comes nearly one and half years after more than 10 animals in the district died due to suspected Black Quarter disease in Terego.


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