A section of primary school teachers in Yumbe District are up in arms with the district over their transfer citing alleged irregularities.

Early this month, the Yumbe District Education Department announced the transfer of about 300 teachers targeting teachers who have overstayed at their old workstations for more than five years.

However, most of the affected teachers are displeased with the transfers, citing double transfers to two different schools at the same time as well as frequent transfers of some teachers who have hardly spent five in their duty stations.

Amin Lega Ajobe, one of the affected teachers indicates that the transfers have confused in affected schools.

Ida Bakoko, another teacher wonders why some teachers are frequently transferred while others have been left to stay in their duty station for over 15 years. According to Bakoko in a space of five years, she has so far been transferred to three schools.

But, Yumbe district Chief Administrative Officer Moses Acuna Kapolon has advised the aggrieved teachers to first report to their new duty station and thereafter launch a formal complaint with his office. He further threatened to stop paying salaries to those teachers who would have not reported to their new duty station within two weeks.

Sections 63 and 6 of the Local Government Act CAP 243 as Amended and the Uganda Public Service Standing Order 2021 give powers to the Chief Administrative Officer to deploy personnel to any duty station within the district.


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