Thieves have stolen and killed hundreds of livestock and poultry in Gulu City leaving farmers in losses.  

  The thieves have stolen and killed 100 goats, four cattle, and 164 poultry in the areas of Ajuku, Ogony East, Ogony west and Ogony A cell, and Kweyo all in Bardege Layibi Gulu City Division.   

Farmers and local leaders in the areas say the thieves have for the past three months invaded the areas during night hours and stripped them of their poultry and livestock while in their shelters.   

Lucy Akech, the area chairperson for Ogony Cell says four cattle, 100 goats, four turkeys and 160 hens valued at millions of shillings have been lost to the thieves within only three months. 

She disclosed that two suspects believed to be members of the gang were recently arrested by security personnel in the area but were set free by the courts.   

Cecilia Alingo, a widow in Ogony East says that last Sunday she lost four goats valued at over Shs 400,000 .    

Alingo narrates that she was surprised to discover the skin, heads, legs, and other remains of her goat dumped in the neighborhood.   

One of the letters dumped beside Alingo`s animals remains on Sunday read, ‘’we thank you for rearing the goats, continue rearing.’’.

Denis Oola, a catechist at Kweyo Chapel under the Holy Family Parish says they have equally lost 22 hens in a similar manner. 

Brian Openyrwot Wod Koch the area councilor for Kweyo Ward says this month he also lost four goats to the thieves.   

He added that as a local leader he has forwarded the matter to the Bardege Layibi council but the council has done nothing. 

Lucy Lanyero, a local leader in Bardege Layibi Gulu City Division said that some residents have been forced to abandon livestock farming as the thieves have intensified their criminal activities in the last three months.

She disclosed that farmers undertaking free-range rearing systems are the worst affected since their animals and poultry roam the areas making them prone to attacks by the yet-to-be-identified thieves.   

Denis Odongping Odwong, the Resident City Commissioner for Gulu says at least 500 suspected criminals believed to be behind criminal activities within the area have been arrested and hundreds of them arraigned before the court and now serving their sentences. 

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