Opposition Members of Parliament have resolved to attend today’s special sitting to pay tribute to the Iteso Cultural Leader, late Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol. 

Osuban died on Saturday at Mulago National Referral Hospital where he was admitted since January 27. Before he was referred to Mulago, Emorimor was admitted to the Covid-19 unit in Soroti for nine days. 

“As the Opposition in Parliament, our boycott of House sessions is still on for the two weeks announced, save for today’s special session,” said Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of Opposition. 

Mpuuga revealed their decision to journalists at Parliament but insisted that their two weeks boycott of House sittings regarding other business is still on.  

The MPs walked out of House last week on Thursday in protest of reported torture of citizens by security operatives, detention without trial, and missing supporters.

Mpuuga led the walkout after he disagreed with Deputy Speaker, Anita Among regarding the delayed action by the government on the continued torture of citizens, detention without trial, and abductions.

Those who walked out are from the biggest Opposition party, the National Unity Platform-NUP, Forum for Democratic Change –FDC, Uganda People’s Congress –UPC, Democratic Party –DP, and Justice Forum –JEEMA. 

The MPs vowed not to attend parliamentary sitting for a period of two weeks. Mpuuga justified their action saying that their walkout is in protest for the continued injustice in the country that includes several killings and unaccounted for citizens and torture of citizens.  

“The tortured victims have been witnessed and while that is going on, the State actors are unable to explain the killings that are illegal and extrajudicial, the disappearance of citizens, the torture of so many citizens…those we have seen, known and those unseen. That is taking place in all parts of the country,” said Mpuuga.

He said that leaders cannot be part of the face of torture and that they are going to be out of parliament sittings for the next two weeks. Mpuuga demanded that those responsible for torture should be arraigned before court.

According to the burial program released by the government on Tuesday by Minister Betty Amongi Ongom, the last journey for this Teso’s Cultural Leader will begin on Tuesday 15, with the requiem mass at Namugongo Catholic Shrine in Kampala.

The program indicates that Emorimor’s remains will be transported through Tororo where another mass and paying of respect will be conducted on Wednesday before leaving for Soroti.

Tororo has another cluster of Iteso that will be paying tribute to Emorimor before his remains are taken to Soroti Sports Ground.

On the 17th, different cultural leaders are expected to pay their last respect to Emorimor at Soroti Sports Ground before the remains are taken to Serere for tributes by district local governments from Teso. His Burial is set for February, 19.

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