Tooro Kingdom is seeking 1.2 Billion Shillings for the king’s 27th coronation anniversary to be held on 12th September this year.

According to the minister for culture and clan mobilization who is also the chairman of the organizing committee of the 27th coronation anniversary, Owek Peter Sunday Rusoke, the preparations are in high gear.

Owek Rusoke says this year’s Empango celebrations will be organized by all clans that form the Tooro Kingdom.

As a way of resource mobilization, each of the 9 counties of Kitagwenda, Fort portal, Ntoroko, Kyaka, Bunyangabu, Burahya, Mwenge North and South that make up Tooro Kingdom have been urged to collect 30 million Shillings each, while all clans will each collect 2 million shillings and all Kingdom ministers will raise at least 200,000 each.

Owek Rusoke says Tooro Kingdom will also hold grand celebrations on this year’s coronation upon attaining 200 hundred years since the Kingdom broke off from Bunyoro Kitara in 1822.

A number of activities like bicycle racing in all Kingdom counties are under way, whereas a committee to write Tooro kingdom history books to be supplied in all schools has been instituted.

Rusoke also said the Kingdom will be setting up a commemoration building in Fort Portal city worth 5 Billion shillings.

Tooro Kingdom celebrates 12th September every year in commemoration of King Oyo Rukiidi iv coronation day when succeeded King David Patrick Olimi Kaboyo at the age of only 3 years in 1995, making him the the youngest monarch in the world.

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