A police officer attached to Iyolwa Police Post, Iyolwa Sub County in Tororo District is alleged to have turned the barrel of the gun against himself. He died after the bullet from his AK47 ripped through his skull.

Police Constable, Ekisa Emmanuel aged 27 years, an Atesot tribe took his life on Sunday, 28 April, 2024/04/19.  The police say a suicide note was recovered from one of his pockets.

According to IP Moses Mugwe, the Ag Police Spokesperson Bukedi South Region, the deceased was at Iyolwa police post on duty armed with rifle No. UG-POL. 5631005914-23881 with 30 rounds of live ammunition.

He is aid to have entered into his room when it was drizzling and shortly a gunshot was heard from his room. 

Mugwe says upon hearing the gunshot, the O.C Post went outside the counter of the police post. They reportedly smelt gunpowder emanating from the deceased’s room.

The deceased had not locked the door. Upon entering the house, the Mugwe said found Ekisa’s body lying on a mattress soaked in a pool of blood. The killer weapon was facing his neck and its safety catch opened.

A declaration letter written by the deceased dated 18/04/2024 addressed to his father and family reportedly he had decided to die because he was living a stressful life.

The case file was opened vide Iyolwa Police Post SD REF: 04/28/04/2024 and CPS Tororo CRB 374/2024.  The scene was visited by a team from CPS Tororo which included SOCO, homicide detectives, and other uniformed officers commanded by ASP Kaigwa Elly, the Acting DPC Tororo.

Inquiries into this matter are still ongoing, more updates to follow.


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