By ASP Charles Twiine

While appearing on NBS Television last week, my brother and senior comrade, Ofwono Opondo the government spokesperson, expressed doubt in the capacity of the Uganda Police Force to investigate corruption due to ‘low’ education status of its officers.

He said, “The average policeman is a form six graduate who didn’t perform well. How can he investigate corruption involving accounting, auditing and now computers?”

This view is however unfortunate and detached from reality.

Every Corruption case is investigated by a team constituting various members with different compitences. Besides, all corruption cases are prosecution led.

Our investigations are supported by other support units like the gallant electronic measure unit, cyber crimes unit, and the Forensic Services Directorate which all have the best compitences in the great lakes region.

The minimum qualification for constables since 2012 has been S.6 with two principle passes. Is that failure as the senior brother wants to portray?

98% of our OC CIDs are university graduates with 48% of them having second class upper.

Police especially CID constitutes of different professions including statisticians, teachers, economists, computer scientists, among others, including some with post graduate courses.

In fact, all the investigators at CID Headquarters are graduates in various disciplines including lawyers, engineers computer scientists and each plays a significant role depending on the task.

For instance, do I need a computer expert to arrest, or do I need a lawyer to search and recover an exhibit?

Officers are deployed in a team and each assigned a specific role including guarding, financial analysis, interrogation, asset tracing, forensic analysis.

Actually even the Director CID is a BCOM graduate and an MBA, and she has built a formidable anti-fraud team since 2012 that nobody should dare.

In the circumstances our output in the fight against corruption is undisputed. Take note that everyday one or two people appear in Anti-Corruption Court courtesy of the Police work and every month at least a person or two are convicted of corruption charges courtesy of the police’s input.

Our messege to the public is that we shall remain resolute and extend our olive hand to every person, or institution that supports and agrees to work with us.

Such statement from a government spokesperson is not only unfortunate, but deplorabe.

Corruption is a global plaugue which nations world-over the U.S inclussive, are struggling to combat irrespective of their level of technology and education.

Ugandans ought to disregard this narrative from our senior communicator, and take note that this was not an official statement but rather a personal prejudice.

Police especially CID remains unwavering in the efforts to fight corruption, and we shall continue to build compitences until we reach the desired level and we call for everyone to support our struggle.

Otherwise if we paraded some of our academic papers, our senior comrade Ofwono Opondo Atasanga.

Police work including investigating corruption requires patriotism and service above self.
At this point in time, we need sygergies to tackle the vice and build from some of of previous success like the Kazinda, lwamafa Kasango among others.

Therefore, as a matter of courtesy, we shall extend our courtesy visit to him, and immunise him with reality.

The writer is the spokesperson CID Uganda Police Force.

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