Chris Mukiza, the Census Commissioner of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), has expressed gratitude to local government leaders, district information technology officers, sub-county and county chiefs, and local council chairpersons for their effective leadership in the recent census activities.

According to Mukiza, these stakeholders, along with supervisors and enumerators, demonstrated exceptional commitment and determination in completing their assigned enumeration areas within the allocated time.

“By the end of enumeration on May 20, overall coverage was 99%. The remaining 1% is attributed to residents in gated communities that were not accessible, single-household members who were unavailable, and those who refused to be enumerated,” Mukiza explained.

Mukiza noted that the enthusiasm observed during the 2024 census reflects growing confidence in the census process. Preliminary data indicates a significant increase in the number of households, with a trend towards smaller household sizes compared to the 2014 census.

The Census Commissioner emphasized UBOS’s adherence to the census roadmap, moving into data processing, editing, and analysis phases. Preliminary results will be released on June 24, followed by provisional results on September 24, and the final report on December 24.

UBOS also plans to conduct a post-enumeration survey in July 2024 to validate the coverage and quality of data collected during the main census, in line with internationally accepted best practices.

The 2024 census, Uganda’s first digital census, faced several challenges, including initial system failures, complaints from enumerators about their pay, and reports from a significant number of Ugandans claiming that enumerators did not reach their areas. Despite these hurdles, the dedication of the census stakeholders has been widely recognized and commended.

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