Medics comprising of Surgeons, Dentists, Orthopedics, Laboratory Attendants, Nurses, America Medical Corps, Deequa, RA International and Bankroft who man ATMIS (African Union Transition Mission in Somalia) Level Two Hospital, held a fare well party for their colleagues from Battle Group Thirty Five (UGABAG XXXV) after their tour of duty in the mission area – Somalia.

The colorful ceremony was held at Level 11 Hospital compound.
Brig Gen Peter Gaetano Omola, the Sector One Commander as Chief Guest thanked UGABAG XXXV for working together as a team in consolidating peace in Somalia.

He congratulated Somali Interpreters who help the medics in understanding the diagnosis of their Somali patients.

“Without you all, this mission would have been difficult to execute. A soldier out there in the FOB (Forward Operating Base) knows very well once he/she has an issue, doctors are there to handle the problem.

Sometimes when an incident happens and we evacuate a casualty, I make sure I come and observe if the patient is being handled but when I reach here I find doctors busy working on the client,” remarked Brig Gen Omola, adding that, “rapid response to a casualty is the best remedy for it brings hope to such a person since you have done that with no supervision.”

The Sector One commander also revealed that soon, Sector One is to have the second Level 11 hospital based in Baledogley since all the equipment have been procured ready to be installed.

He therefore advised medics to remain relevant since many of them will be deployed to render their services in the new hospital.

“In a nutshell maintain discipline, even when you go home don’t fight to cause problems to yourself. I know many of you will come back to man the newly installed hospital,” Brig Omola observed.

In his welcoming remarks, the Commanding Officer (CO) Level 11 Hospital, Lt Col Dr. Godfrey Ssemakula Ngobya, congratulated all the medical personnel, American Peace Corps, Burundi National Defence Forces’ Medics, Doctors from Bankroft, Deequa Company, RA International and Somali Interpreters for relentlessly rendering services to ATMIS personnel, Somali Security Forces and other clients from the civil population.

“I attribute the success of this hospital to you all who have worked tirelessly in restoring lives of our clients in one way or another. If it were not you so many lives would have been lost. We have had few incidences where we had to refer a patient to other hospitals. Most of our clients have been well catered for and their lives restored. This is no mean fit-it has been as a result of selfless service, dedication and mutual support,” Lt Col Dr. Godfrey Ngobya noted.

He pointed out that Bankroft who on top of providing their medical personnel also supplied the hospital with the Dental bed.

He further sent gratitude to US Medical Surgeons for being with them in time of need.

ATMIS Level 11 hospital in sector one Mogadishu was built to provide comprehensive emergence services to include ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support), and ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) care. The operating theatre provides a range of general and trauma surgical care.

The ICU is capable of managing critical or ventilated patients prior to transfer.

Inpatients care is provided on separate male and female wards. The emergency dental care, a full diagnostical services and a Blood Bank are also available.

Asere Constance Ichuma

Asere Constance Ichuma

Constance Ichuma Asere is a Ugandan Journalist and writer with Plus News Uganda with particular interest in photography, politics, entertainment and sports.

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