Young Ugandan entrepreneurs have won major deals with Asian technology companies, at the Global IT Exhibition (Gitex) Africa 2024 in Morocco.

The three are part of a 15-strong delegation of Ugandan startups from the Youth Startup Academy Uganda (YSAU), and Hive Colab which has played a pivotal role in nurturing startups, that represented Uganda at the three-day GITEX Africa event in Marrakech.

“It is proof of the dynamism and promise of Africa’s tech scene, where opportunity and innovation converge on a worldwide scale,” said Dina Sava, the Programmes and Projects head at Hive Colab.

Hive Colab formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dain Leaders Corporation, a digital technology firm that focuses on digitisation of educational programs.

“This historic event is more than simply a business deal; it is an important step towards developing closer ties between Uganda and Korea and furthering joint initiatives to support entrepreneurs in Uganda’s developing tech sector,” said Sava.

By signing this Memorandum of Understanding, both parties affirm their dedication to advancing their respective businesses’ continued growth and mutual benefit.

The deal aims to see a series of exchange activities, tailored to address the specific needs and priorities of their startups across various sectors, including ICT, healthcare, education, and training. 

These activities encompass strategic partnerships, joint research, and training initiatives, as well as the exchange of crucial resources such as ICT training materials, publications, and information. 

Another startup, Ntakye Holdings signed an MoU with Jubix, another prominent South Korean company, focusing on collaborative efforts in solar-integrated technology. 

Ntakye’s operations are based on a sustainable agriculture approach, focusing on producing long-term crops and livestock with minimal environmental impact whilst contributing to the economic stability of local farms and communities. 

“More recently we have piloted productive use of energy agricultural equipment such as solar integrated/battery operated knapsack sprayers used in both crop and livestock farming,” says Alan Mugalu, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

The partnership underscores the increasing importance of renewable energy solutions in addressing global challenges and highlights the potential for impactful collaborations between Ugandan and South Korean firms.

On their part, Canine Safaris entered into a strategic partnership with the Korean AI company, Flitto, with a unique focus on preserving culture through AI-driven solutions. 

“By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Canine Safaris aims to digitally preserve local dialects and cultural heritage, showcasing the transformative potential of technology in safeguarding and promoting cultural diversity,” explained Sava.

She added that these partnerships not only exemplify the growing recognition of African startups on the global stage but also demonstrate the tangible impact that collaborative efforts between African and Asian tech companies can have on addressing pressing societal challenges and driving positive change.


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