Ugandan troops serving under AMISOM in Somalia have been vaccinated with COVID 19 booster dose in Mogadishu. The exercise that saw 512 troops receive their booster doses was led by Capt Dr Thomas Ongom the medical officer of Level II hospital under sector 1.

According to the contingent commander of the Ugandan troops serving under  AMISOM, Brig Gen Keith Katungi, the booster dose as recommended by the Ministry of health in Uganda and Somalia as a host country is welcome as it further boost the immunity of  the troops to enable them execute their mandate with less fear of contracting COVID 19.

“The nature of our operations exposes our troops, and the leadership back home and here saw it important to boost our soldiers,” Brig Gen Katungi said.

He further added that,  the operation of the troops was affected just like elsewhere globally but were able to continue working succefuly by strictly observing the SOPs put in place by the ministry of health.

Among other effects to troops, covid 19 impacted on  the rotation schedules of troops as they must under go 14 days mandatory quarantine for those coming to Somalia and those leaving Somalia at the end of their tour of duty.

“This affects them psychologically, but we must trade time and space to achieve our mission,” Gen Katungi said.

After today’s exercise which was conducted at AMISOM base camp in Mogadishu, the team will move to other forward operating bases under Uganda’s sector one which include Mogadishu, Banadir and lower Shabelle.

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