The joint Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF and the Congolese troops have carried out aerial and artillery bombardments on three camps belonging to the rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Eastern DR. Congo.

The operation was conducted under sector three of the operation shujja that stretches along Kasindi-Beni road. The camps were located along Djelube, Lusolube, and Semuliki rivers.

According to the forces, in their search towards R. Djelube and Lusolube, they found a mass grave with an estimated 100 to 150 decomposing bodies.

The forces added that as they continued their pursuit, they came into contact with fleeing ADF members, and killed seven of them. They also recovered six SMGs, 87 live ammunitions, one RPG, a walk-talkie, a phone, and a power bank.

They also searched Lusolubve camp and found two flags with Arabic inscriptions, various types and sizes of solar panels, metal food flasks, 60mm mortar baser plate, a pharmacy administrative book, and mobile phones among others.

Maj. Peter Mugisa, the operation Shuja spokesperson, says that the ADF rebels are still active in the Rwenzori sector where they have concentrated their forces in Biangoro, Lusulube, Djembe, Mwalika, Isle, Taliha, Kabu Wabuwa river, and Semuliki confluence.

He says that the second ADF concentration area is in sectors two at Tokomeka, 1, 2, and 3 where the joint force is also pursuing the group.

Mugisa added that this operation marks the beginning of the third phase of the operation against the ADF group.

The operations against the ADF in DR Congo, started at the end of November last year when the combined UPDF Air Force and artillery shelled Kambi Ya Yua, Tondoli, Belu1, and Belu2 which are found in North Kivu province in Virunga and Ituri impenetrable forests of Eastern DRC.

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