SCP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, has highlighted a concerning trend of increased manipulation of police uniforms within various sectors.

Enanga pointed out that private security organizations, bouncer associations, political groups, and individuals have been adopting unauthorized uniforms, including darker black attire for counter-terrorism police, khaki for general duties, and white for traffic police, along with unauthorized rank insignia, shoes, belts, and lanyards.

“This activity is illegal and must cease immediately,” emphasized Enanga, referencing Private Security Organizations Regulations 23(3) of Statutory Instrument 2013 NO.11 as providing guidance. He noted that unauthorized duplication and manipulation of police, UPDF, and Prisons Services uniforms and accoutrements violate laws such as the UPDF Act, Penal Code, and other statutory instruments.

Addressing reporters at the weekly press conference at Police headquarters in Kampala, Enanga disclosed that the authorities had already seized high visibility vests, jackets, sunglasses, and other black attire from bouncers and other private security personnel, as these items were creating a militaristic and combative image.

“These unauthorized uniforms not only distort public perceptions but also pose operational challenges,” he asserted.

Enanga stressed the importance of the police uniform as a symbol of authority and safety in society, emphasizing its role in distinguishing officers from civilians and aiding the public in identifying whom to approach in times of need.

“Additionally, the uniform signals an officer’s authority to make arrests and provides protection against public interference during law enforcement activities, including the use of force,” he concluded.

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