Over the last couple of years, some European nations have multiplied on endeavours to contain the inundation of migrants from Africa and different regions of the world, with many mooting harder limitations.

While some updated their haven and relocation arrangements, others keep on constraining African states to increment movement controls.

Migrants, in many thousands, frequently send off their excursions from Africa to Europe, getting away from struggle, basic freedoms infringement, environmental change, and financial outcomes. The numbers have flooded as of late, notwithstanding the perilous dangers implied since the vast majority of them travel via ocean.

It is anyway demoralizing to see that those escaping are left to suffocate in the ocean, captured and pushed back at borders, denied compassionate help, and condemned for looking for security and better day to day environments by European States.

Rather than maintaining their global obligations towards individuals searching for security close to home, European nations keep on passing rough arrangements that cost lives.

Additionally, given their neo-expansionism strategies, individuals from the European Association (EU) are the essential driver of these undesirable, however, undeniable relocations. Thus, it is shear false reverence, contempt for Africans and insensitive for them to toss these transients back to the canines.

Neocolonialism alludes to the backhanded, unpretentious type of control and double-dealing that previous pioneer powers or other prevailing countries apply over poor nations, a craftsmanship the West has dominated and keeps on applying it on the African mainland.

It is this neocolonialism that is appearing through financial, political, and social abuse that has demolished the African relocation emergency.

In particular, the monetary double-dealing is seen through trade imbalances, and asset extraction has added to financial difficulties and restricted self-assurance for African states and their kin.

Africans might never have longed to go to Europe for greener pastures, had it not been because of mistreatment, and double-dealing by the neo-colonial powers.

The EU disburses finances and trains a coast guard, which has become a military structure with an aim to catch refugees from Africa. They are intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea and put into terrible conditions of interim refugee camps for an unestablished period where they undergo an abusive and inhumane streatment.

The EU is funding and outsourcing harmful border practices to other countries, such as Libya, thus eroding the asylum system and failing to provide meaningful protection to people seeking safety.

EU countries, including Italy, are going to extraordinary lengths to tighten control at borders and prevent departures while criminalising civil search and rescue operations.

Let us not pretend about African Migrants, the economic exploitation by the West is the cause, they same exploiters can not be the very ones abandoning the problem they caused.

The EU must respect the asylum process and protect African human lives and provide dignified and humane treatment to the Africans crossing into its member states instead of pushing them away.

Rather than setting up measures to get outsiders whose life they have made hopeless in their nations of origin, the neo-colonialists are hellbent on making a framework to forestall their entry before they arrive at European expenses.

This cycle needs to come to an end.

The writer is a Ugandan journalist with a passion for current African affairs.


Kungu Al-Mahadi Adam is an experienced Ugandan multimedia Journalist with a background of fact checking and thorough research. He is very passionate about current African affairs particularly Horn of Africa. He...

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