For the first time since Kenya’s general election, presidential candidate William Ruto addressed the public on Sunday.

Ruto thanked Kenyans for voting in the election during a church service at his Karen home attended by his political allies.

“Nataka niwashukuru Wakenya wote, mimilioni kumi na nne waliojitokeza kupiga kura ndio tuwe na kiongozi mwingine wa miaka mitano ijayo,” DP Ruto said.

According to Ruto, while Kenyans voted to choose their next president, God has the final say on who becomes the country’s next leader.

“Kura Hupigwa ili kujua ile itajitokeza, lakini uamuzi unatoka kwa mungu in as much as we went to vote, the final say is with God,”

Ruto also went on to celebrate leaders from various parties who clinched various seats in the just concluded polls.

“We congratulate all leaders who won even as we wait patiently and peacefully for the next step, as we wait for the conclusion of the election process,” he added.

At the same time, the DP urged Kenyans to be patient with the IEBC as the verification process at the Bomas of Kenya continues.

“We ask all of us to be patient with all the processes that are going on at the moment and to pray for the IEBC so that they can complete this exercise in the the manner in which we voted,” Ruto said.

“We’ve had peaceful elections, it is my prayer that we end this process peacefully,”

Elsewhere, Ruto’s closest competitor for the State House race, Raila Odinga preached peace while attending church service at the St.Francis ACK church in Karen.

Flanked by his political allies, Raila was giving his first public address since Kenyans went to the polls, and he thanked the country for peaceful campaigns and elections.

“We thank God for having taken us through a vigorous campaign moment,” Raila said “The election process was peaceful, we hope that peace will prevail even after the election,”

“We are all part of one nation and we want Kenya to be even stronger going forward,”

Raila quoted a message on peace from St. Francis of Assisi, a renowned Italian Catholic Friar, in his message to the congregation and the nation.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred , let me sow love where thetre is injury, pardon, where there is doubt, faith….that is what St.Francis of Assisi said at that time,” Raila explained.

According to Raila, the same words apply to the current Kenyan situation, with the country slowly easing back from the recently concluded General Election.

“This is what me as a person want to see happen, that I become an instrument to bring peace, to heal to unite and keep the hope alive,” he added.


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