Bududa Hospital where the Town Council Authorities clash with the administrators from the hospitals

Bududa town council officials have clashed with the administration of Bududa hospital over land in the staff quarters. This stems from a resolution by the town council to cut down the Banana plantation belonging to health workers to put up a mini-market. 

The town council officials decided to construct a mini-market in the hospital quarters to generate local revenue. Ali Kuloba Moses, the Bududa town council  LC III Chairperson, says that many health workers and other public servants from the district have been buying commodities from the nearby Manafwa roadside market hence denying them local revenue.

Paul Muboki, the town clerk of Bududa Town council, says that whatever they are doing is within the law thereby asking the health workers to embrace the development within the town.

Godfrey Wasolo, the LC I chairperson of hospital cell, says this is not the first time that town council authorities have caused discomfort to his electorate. He says that they always wait when they are out of their homes working and invade their gardens and cut down their plantations.

Hamuza Kabale, the Administrator Bududa Hospital, says that the decision was taken without informing them. He says that the town council being semi-autonomous does not mean that they own land belonging to the hospital.

Hilary Nuwehereza, the Bududa District police commander has asked the two parties to compromise since they belong to the same government.

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