A suspect being arrested (courtesy photo)

Police in Busoga East have arrested Faisal Mugabe, the internal auditor of Bugweri district over alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

His arrest follows a dossier compiled by a whistleblower, to the Bugweri Resident District Commissioner, Janet Mulindwa, which indicated that Mugabe had connived with other district officials to access surplus salaries contrary to their approved wage bills.

This prompted Mulindwa to launch inquiries into the matter where findings indicated that, Mugabe, the district planner Isa Magoola, and Kalim Musobya were accessing huge salaries, but none of them bothered to rectify the anomaly. 

It is reported that, between April-June, 2024, the officials received uniform monthly payments of 15 Million Shillings each without any objection from the district’s accounting officers even when it was proven that such transactions were irregular.

Mugabe is currently detained at Bugweri central police station, however, the other two suspects are allegedly on the run.

Mulindwa hailed the police detectives for prioritizing inquiries in the matter, however, she stressed the need for government anti-corruption agencies to intensify fights against syndicated graft tendencies in Bugweri district, which she blames for frustrating service delivery to the ordinary citizens. “It is almost impossible to catch with most of the corrupt individuals in this district as most of them present proper paperwork indicating clear financial flows, however, the shock of either shoddy works or ghost projects is the reality in most communities,” she says.

Shafic Muziransa says that most of the seemingly corrupt individuals take advantage of the lack of coordination between the technical and political wings.

Muziransa retaliates that the fight against joint efforts, with all actors deliberate about ending the vice, rather than cases of inconsistency by some players who either selectively apply justice or even leak information to some wanted suspects on the graft black lists by the Bugweri district security committee.

The Busoga East Police Spokesperson, Diana Nandawula declined to divulge details, adding that investigations into the matter are on-going.


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