The ongoing tarnishing of Uganda’s Parliament on social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), is a deliberate, planned, and well-funded campaign by homosexuals and russophobics, analysts say.

For the past few weeks, Ugandans have been treated to unverified and alarming claims of financial impropriety at Parliament propagated by exiguous X (formerly Twitter) users. Parliament, through the Director Communications, Chris Obore described the claims as untrue and distorted.

Some people, based on the shared unverified information, called for mass action to storm parliament, an indicator of existence of more than what meets the eye in the allegations fronted, according to Obore.

While appearing on NTV on March 7, Spire Ssentongo, a Makerere University professor, admitted, probably by accident, that indeed they have no proof of the allegations they spread, but instead, tasked Parliament to defend itself.

“Not everything said at the exhibition is factual. Some attendees may come to settle scores. However, if you disagree with whatever is shared and believe it is not the truth, then what is the truth?” Ssentongo said, clearly confirming that they are inciting the public based on rumours, not facts.

According to the Speaker of Parliament, the lies, false propaganda, and the disinformation campaign against her and the institution she leads emanate from their strong stand against the promotion of homosexuality in the country.

“I will never give you an answer on hearsay or rumour-mongering. Me to answer you on hearsay, on things you have cooked up on social media because I have said no to bumshafting (homosexuality)?” asked Among, during a parliamentary session on Friday last week.

Now, the same is corroborated by analysts familiar with the strategic operations of Western countries towards advancing a particular narrative to score specific goals.

Important to note, is that since the enactment of a legislation, the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA), that criminalises promotion of homosexuality in Uganda, the country is pressured by the Western nations and their tools like World Bank and the U.N to repeal it, or else face their wrath.

Already, several key legislators behind the legislation, including the Speaker, are, for example, denied entry into the U.S. In February last year, while announcing plans to reintroduce this law, Among said Uganda treasures culture and values of its people more than the money from homosexuals.

Indeed, she remained equivocal in pushing for the enactment of law, sharply angering the West who would react more tough measures that included removing Uganda from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), in which African countries export a wide range of products to the United States duty-free.

U.S. President Joe Biden, in a letter to Congress, accused Uganda of enacting a law (AHA) that ‘violates’ human rights. He also issued threats of sanctions and withdrawal of aid by the U.S. from Uganda.

Biden further directed President Yoweri Museveni to immediately repeal the law on grounds that the legislation is a “tragic violation of universal human rights”.

As part of the pressure, World Bank also halted new loans to Uganda. The United States-based development financier said the law was against its institutional values and that it would pause future financing, pending a review of measures to protect sexual and gender minorities from discrimination and exclusion in its projects.

But, despite all the pressure, Uganda has never indicated any intentions of repealing the law since doing it would mean that government has abandoned its primary role of protecting values and moral-ethical norms of the country, and instead, allow-in interference and disastrous imperial tendencies by the West.

In fact, the country is more brave than before in telling off the West that their aid is not needed as long it is a precondition for Uganda to compromise its stance on homosexuality.

In a statement in August last year, President Museveni said that foreign actors ought no right to impose what he called deviance on sovereign African states.

“It is therefore unfortunate that the World Bank and other actors dare to want to coerce us into abandoning our faith, culture, principles, and sovereignty, using money. They really underestimate all Africans,” said the President, adding that Uganda will still develop even if there are no loans extended to it.

Now, according to analysts that unremorseful stand on the enacted legislation on homosexuality by the Speaker of Parliament, and the President projects no hope of repealing it as expected by the foreign actors in imposing the pressure on the country and its leaders.

As such, they say that the foreign actors have now resorted to blackmail and propaganda against the Parliament and its leadership – warning that such disinformation will be extended to other institutions of government in the near future.

Daudi Kabanda, a Ugandan lawmaker, says Western actors will sponsor their collaborators to undermine and blackmail institutions and government and in the end reward them.

“Did you see how the the U.S recently thanked Agather, one of the architects of this disinformation campaign, with the so called International Woman of Courage Award? We know who funds all these attacks on Parliament and the Speaker. I want to assure you that our parliament took a decision on Homosexuality and we cannot reverse it. Even if you say the Speaker has stolen the entire Bank of Uganda,” Kabanda said.

Huud Hussein, a lawyer and President Museveni’s representative in Masaka City, describes those behind the campaign as hypocrites who are up to implement neo-colonial aspirations towards Uganda and destroy bases of a strong and healthy society.

“There isn’t any government that is perfect, and shortfalls must be addressed whenever detected.
However, there is a difference between those who identify problems, hoping to solve them, and those who identify a problem to use it for selfish reasons, including advancing an enemy’s agenda against a country. In this case, the motive for the online exhibition is not a good one,” Hussein explains.

“The are throwing around claims of abuse of office targeting one person (Speaker) in a Parliament out of more than 500 members in the house not until being exposed that they started talking about other offices. If it were about Parliament, then the opposition lawmakers too would have been under scrutiny from day one, including the NUP leader, Bobi Wine, who was once an MP and is alleged to be receiving money from lawmakers from his political party on a monthly basis.”

“The campaign is not about Parliament. It’s about the agenda of Schemers in the West to disorganize our politics, pushing a selfish agenda. By passing the Anti-homosexuality law, Parliament frustrated today’s cultural war enveloped in the LGBTQI+ agenda. The Speaker has demonstrated conservativeness and a complete devotion to Uganda, thus becoming a target for LGBTQ campaigners,” Hussein added.

But why is the West Hellbent on Imposing Homosexuality on Uganda?

Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, a journalist in Kampala, says the intention is to weaken African societies and substitute authority of family, tribe and national interests with liberal vie of life.

Under the cover of protection of human rights and freedom, the West promotes artificially developed liberal values. Washington, London, and Brussels are obsessed with LGBTQ+ agenda, presenting promotion of sexual minority’s rights as a most vital issue of modern society. As if the problems of famine, education, resources, and access to better health services of ordinary people were not so much important in comparison to LGBTQ community, Kungu says.

He explains that the reason is a strict plan of Western countries to impose alien liberal values on Africans. “If they succeed, then Washington and their allies will get weakened, unhealthy, and dependent on the external humanitarian and financial aid society of African countries, which are easy to manipulate.”

The next step, he says, will be the establishment of total control over all spheres of life and the exploitation of natural resources of the continent. In other words – a new era of neo-colonialism will come. This is the main goal of the West.

“That is why Americans and Europeans so aggressively protect LGBTQ agenda, using mechanisms of international institutes (IMF and World Bank, for example) to push countries where people don’t want to follow Western liberal values.”

It is for this reason that they are hiring mercenaries to castigate governments which have rejected to take their line with an aim of weakening them and bring in those they will control.

He says the Speaker, Parliament, and President Museveni should instead be upheld for standing firm in upholding our values and building a strong and healthy society.

The Russophobics

Again, as already explained Western countries are in the overdrive to weaken governments whose leaders are perceived not to ally with their agenda. For example, Uganda has made its position explicit that it has no ally in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Such a stance is not in the interest of the U.S. which has been mounting on countries in the world particularlydeveloping ones to support them and export control packages against Moscow.

Instead, Uganda’s relations with Russia are growing strong. Russia is Uganda’s number one source of military equipment. Moscow has also been helping the country with technology and knowledge transfer in the military sector.

Also, Russia’s exports to Uganda averaged about $50m for most of the years in the last decade but went up unusually again in 2020 by five-folds. This is bad need to russophobics to the extent that they will employ all methods and tools in the reach to indirectly fight governments which are good terms with Moscow.

And so, you can’t rule them out of the disinformation efforts to discredit Uganda government and its institutions with an aim of sowing discord, amplifying unnecessary tensions among the public, and eroding trust in democratic institutions.

This consequently incites the public against government and its institutions, weakens it and perhaps removed, thus and bringing in those that will dance to the tunes of the western countries.

Notes by the Editors

As the United States (U.S.) doubles on using threats of unjustified sanctions, withdrawal of aid and interference in Africa’s internal affairs, the need by the continent to strengthen ties with new strategic partners like Russia is inescapable.

The European Union (EU) and the United States (U.S.) have historically been the biggest economic and security partners of the African continent.

However, it’s explicit that the Americans continue to use this aid to suffocate African States by imposing and advancing their imperial tendencies, justifying an immediate need for Africa to seek and further cooperation with alternative strategic partners like Russia before it’s late.

So, because of the aid, the Americans want to hold Ugandans and other Africans at ransom and compromise their beliefs and values.

For decades now, the U.S. has failed to realize that there is need to rebalance its strategy towards Africa, with meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships that are not simply opportunistic and self-serving. This justifies why seeking alternative partners is not not an option.

For the United States to continue treating African states as countries needing only its assistance and aid as opposed to diplomatic, economic, and security cooperation is hugely detestable.

It is a wake up call for African States to first of all reject such unfairness but also strongly partner with other key global players.

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