H.E. Mr. Majid Saffar, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has emphatically urged the international community to take immediate action in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis perpetrated by the Israeli administration against the innocent people of Palestine.

Mr. Saffar stressed the urgent need for accountability, asserting that perpetrators of such atrocities must face justice to ensure the sovereignty and freedom of expression for the Palestinian people, mirroring the rights enjoyed by others globally.

Since Israel’s invasion on October 10, the death toll in Palestine has tragically surpassed 10,000, including countless women, children, and aid workers, drawing widespread condemnation on the global stage.

These impassioned remarks were delivered by the Ambassador during the International Quds Day event held at the Islamic University in Uganda’s Female Campus in Wakiso. Organized by the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the event saw participation from approximately 300 attendees.

Mr. Abdollah Abbasi, the Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy, condemned the ongoing genocide committed by the Zionist regime, emphasizing the imperative of standing against oppression and defending the oppressed, echoing the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Expressing solidarity, H.E. Dr. Tamouh Moustafa, The Syrian Honorary Consul in Kampala, extended condolences to Ambassador Saffar and underscored the importance of justice in addressing such injustices.

Dr. Rouhollah Dehghani, the Rector of Al-Mustafa Islamic College, reflected on the theological significance of humanity’s responsibility to combat corruption and bloodshed, drawing from Islamic teachings.

Dr. Ahmed Kisuule, Presidential Advisor on Middle East Affairs and former Ugandan diplomat in Tehran, commended the Embassy’s organization of the International Quds Day event, highlighting the spiritual significance of the occasion and its alignment with the teachings of Imam Khomeini.

Dr. Madina Nabukeera Sebyala, Director of Islamic University in Uganda Females campus, emphasized the sacred duty of solidarity with oppressed nations, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

Hon. Luyimbaazi Issah Katungulu, African Youth Ambassador, echoed calls for condemnation of the ongoing atrocities in Palestine, urging global action against the Zionist regime’s brutality.

Sister Shamula Aite, a student from Al-Mustafa Islamic College, rallied participants to support internally displaced individuals in Kasese, underscoring the importance of collective assistance in times of crisis.

Prof. Adam Ssebyala, the academic professor and lecturer gave a brief background on the international Quds Day.

The Israel’s Jewish state and their long plan doesn’t stop Palestinian people. 

He noted that the city of the messenger, Madinah was previously called Yathriba which the jews claim its their name that they must claim. Uganda was on the table to bring the Jews in Uganda once they fail to occupy where they’re currently. 

He spoke about the Zionist conference resolutions of 50 years plan of the Jewish state which was established in 1948 and the holocaust propaganda doesnt justify the said population of the killed Jews. 

The Chosen nation of God. This makes them have the feeling of Supremacy; the super race.

They claim that The God of Israel permits them to treat the Gentiles inhumanly, and is fascinated by their suffering on hands of the Jews.

 The promised land: For the Cananites. Abraham, a pastoralist nomadic/ Hebrew, later a patriarch of monotheistic beliefs settled peacefully with others.

As a result of the Conspiracy, against their own Yusuf, they joined him shamelessly in Egypt, stayed for close to 500 years then fell out with Pharaoh, and escaped; not expelled. 

We have not yet cared to take on Egyptology to know fairly Pharoah side of the story. All we have is what is narrated to us by (YHW); the God of Israel.

Later they mutinied against Moses and Haron and refused peacefully entry into the promised land, wanted YHW to make ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Later Joshua destroyed 10 cities and massacred populations under divine cover! In AI one/ a prostitute survived.

 They created Kingdoms of Israel and Judea on the ruins and skulls of the natives they don’t want to live with others.

Later nations punished them with God’s permission, and th e exiles started 

In the Exiles, they did the same…without going into details, it being us to the last TWO World wars.

They planned the First and the largely the second, sacrificed the Jews (less numbers to secure the current sympathies, cautiousness, (never again), prodigal son of the World.

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