National Unity Platform (NUP) councillors in Luwero district have turned down an invitation to attend leadership training and meet President Yoweri Museveni.

Recently, a team of State House officials approached Luwero District Council Speaker Abdul Mazinga and informed him about their wish to train district councillors and LC 3 Chairpersons on leadership skills.

The proposed training scheduled for 14 days is expected to take place at Garuga Resort Beach in Entebbe. President, Yoweri Museveni is expected to close the leadership training. Mazinga informed the councillors about the training and asked them to express their interest to enable the organizers to confirm the dates.

Luwero district comprises 11 councillors from Uganda’s youngest political party the National Unity Platform, 12 from the ruling National Resistance Movement, 13 Independents and 03 from the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party.

The District Chairperson Erastus Kibirango and Speaker also subscribe to NUP. The NUP councillors have unanimously resolved to reject the request to attend the training insisting that it is intended to compromise them.

Edward Zziwa, the Luwero sub-county LC V councillor, says that if the training was intended for improving service delivery, it would have been organized by the Ministry of Local Government but not Statehouse officials.

Zziwa says that the purpose of the training is intended to promote the NRM ideology that is no benefit to them. Herbert Ssekubulwa, the Luwero town council LC V councillor, says that there is nothing to learn from President Museveni’s lectures because he doesn’t practise what he preaches.

Florence Nagita, the Makulubita sub-county representative, says that she has consulted her electorates who advised her not to attend the training because it’s not beneficial to them. On the other hand, Isa Nsubuga, the Ndejje town LC V councillor, says that it will be a betrayal for him to attend a meeting with Museveni when their supporters are incarcerated.

Others said that they don’t want to meet Museveni because he has failed to address issues that affect the district and they lost trust in him.

But Ahmed Kasibante, Busiika town council LC V councillor who belongs to FDC, says that he is ready to attend the training to learn how to deliver and lobby services for his voters. A section of independent councillors and their NRM counterpart have already expressed interest to attend the training, saying its an opportunity to meet President Yoweri Museveni

Derick Lukanga Kibirango, the Kikyusa sub-county LC V councillor, says that they need the training and interaction with Museveni to tell him issues that affect the district. Jjuuko Jamil, the Male Worker’s representative, says that NUP councillors ought to attend the training so as to express their dissatisfaction directly to the President and seek answers from him.

Abdul Mazinga, the Luwero District Speaker said that attendance is a personal decision since there is no council resolution compelling the councillors to attend the training.

Brenda Nabukenya, the Luwero District Woman Member of Parliament, says that the training is intended to compromise the councillors and find ways of winning back the district since Museveni didn’t perform well in the 2021 general elections. She warns councillors of dire consequences from their voters in case they attend Museveni’s lectures.

According to the 2021 Presidential results, Museveni obtained only 41,166 votes (27.94 per cent) out of 151,964 votes cast in Luwero district. His main challenger. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu scored 103,782 votes (70.45 per cent).

An analysis of tally sheets from Luwero district shows that Museveni scored less than 20 percent in 113 out of 471 polling stations, a clear indication that he lost support in the district. Recently, 56 out of the 85 National Unity Platform (NUP) councillors in Wakiso District defied the party position to attend a two-week leadership training called by President Museveni.

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