A CCTV camera in Arua .Residents say most of them dont work

Natete Police are holding a man accused of repeatedly vandalizing security cameras by throwing stones, including incidents in Kabojja. Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Police Spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, identifies the suspect as Abdul Kirumira.   

According to Owoyesigyire, this isn’t the suspect’s first involvement in such acts. He says that they are investigating the motive behind Kirumira’s actions.  “Some witnesses said they saw him also digging up the camera poles. He will be subjected to mental check-up, and once he is found normal then he shall face charges of destroying government properties, “Owoyesigyire said. 

In his first press briefing at Naguru Police Headquarters, newly appointed Police Spokesperson ACP Kituuma Rusoke urged the public to protect security cameras in their areas, emphasizing their role in crime prevention. “We urge the members of the public to also start assisting Police to protect such very important installations safely. Because we need them operating to support the effective policing in our areas,” Rusoke said.

The Police ICT department’s recent report highlighted intermittent power and vandalism as major challenges affecting CCTV operations in Kampala Metropolitan. However, Rusoke assured that these issues are being addressed. He cited successful arrests, including a gang responsible for street attacks and robberies, facilitated by operational CCTV footage.   

“Yes there could be one or two not functioning but we are the maintenance teams that are working well. You saw the way police used the cameras to wipe out the gang that was recently kicking people on streets and robbing them how we dealt with them using the CCTV camera footage. So yes, Police cameras are now functioning,” Rusoke noted.


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