Police in Busoga East are conducting a search for 55-year-old Alimansi Kigundu, who is suspected of killing his wife, 45-year-old Alisati Naikoba. The couple, residents of Namoni landing site in Malongo sub-county, Mayuge district, reportedly had ongoing disputes, with accusations of infidelity leveled against each other.

The conflict escalated in the early hours of Saturday morning when Kigundu allegedly stabbed Naikoba in the stomach with a knife before fleeing the scene, leaving her injured and alone. Neighbors discovered Naikoba’s lifeless body after noticing blood seeping from their home and no response from within. Jennifer Nakachwa, a neighbor, expressed shock at the outcome of the couple’s frequent fights, noting that heavy rain drowned out any potential cries for help.

Peter Bampalana, the chairperson of Namoni landing site, lamented the prevalence of domestic violence in the area, attributing it to the loss of employment opportunities for men previously engaged in fishing activities. He highlighted how this economic downturn has led to a loss of dignity among many men, who resort to violence to assert dominance over their spouses.

Busoga East police spokesperson Diana Nandawula confirmed the incident, stating that Naikoba’s body was taken to Kityerera Health IV mortuary for postmortem examination. Detectives are actively searching for Kigundu, who will face charges of murder and domestic violence upon apprehension.


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