An Egyptian National who went missing in Soroti last week has been found dead. The body of the man identified as Ahmed Zinhom Ibrahim Selim, 32, was found in Awoja Swamp on Saturday, March 2 by area residents.

East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman Oscar Gregg Ageca says they have arrested at least five people in connection with the death. These are now facing murder charges.

“Since the body of the deceased has been found, the charge against the suspects will be changed to match the nature of the offence of murder…, ” Ageca said in a statement.

Zinhom was a resident of Cell A, Campswahili Ward in Soroti City. The police first arrested Muhammed Nabil Ali who visited and was seen with the victim on the night of his disappearance and another, Kisolo Mark who was an employee of the victim. Kisolo accessed the house on the night and after the disappearance. 

According to Ageca, the police continue with inquiries and the consequent prosecution of the suspects in the matter. 


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