Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, has clarified that the public should not be charged for accessing CCTV footage related to criminal cases, labeling any fees imposed for such access as illegal. This announcement comes amid public outcry over the exorbitant fees demanded by some officers for footage retrieval.

Enanga emphasized the importance of CCTV as a critical tool in crime prevention and investigation, expressing concern over reports of extortion by some police officers. “We have received numerous complaints about money being extorted from victims by undisciplined officers, despite the widespread acceptance of CCTV technology as a pivotal security asset,” he stated.

He further explained that the protocol for releasing footage strictly for evidential purposes is outlined in the IT directorate’s policy, with all requests required to go through official channels including the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations Department (OC CID), regional CID, and division CID officers.

“Access to CCTV centers by civilians is prohibited. Retrieving footage is a procedure reserved for the investigating officer or detective, who must submit a formal request to the appropriate authority,” Enanga added.

Highlighting the importance of maintaining a clear chain of custody to ensure the integrity of the footage, Enanga noted that this is crucial for its admissibility in criminal proceedings. Additionally, he mentioned that CCTV footage is stored for a maximum of 90 days and can only be released upon a court order.

In contrast, the police may charge a nominal fee for providing CCTV footage in civil cases, where the footage could prove liability for injuries or damages.

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