Resident District Commissioners, and other security organs under the Office of the President have been tipped to work with both opposition political leaders and technical people at their districts.

Haji Yunus Kakande, the Secretary to the Office of the President made the call after receiving complaints from RDCs and their deputies about the criticism and castigation they face from members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party for working with opposition leaders in their jurisdiction.

During a capacity-building retreat for security personnel under the Office of the President from the Lango sub-region, the RDCs cited scolding by party carders as a challenge affecting their work. Political interference and corruption were cited as the other challenges;

Apac deputy RDC Joan Apio shared her experience

Despite Apio’s experience, a cross-section of Resident District Commissioners said they continue to work with the opposition despite the negative criticism from party members. They believe that keeping the opposition near is a way of winning them over.

Dokolo RDC Barbara Akech rallied their carders to remain calm for as long as both parties are implementing activities which rhyme with the NRM manifesto.

Haji Kakande explained that RDCs need to work with the district leaders regardless of their political affiliation for the sake of offering services to the people.

Kakande also tasked the team to use their structure to mobilize community members to not only embrace government programs but also engage in economic activities that will improve their livelihoods. He added that better service delivery is one of the indicators of good governance, and encouraged all leaders to ensure that grassroots communities have better services.

“Ensure that you mobilize the community to play their part in wealth creation by increasing their income through engaging in farming and other economic activities. Popularize programs like PDM and mobilize people on the ground,” he said.

Meanwhile, Martha Asiimwe, the Head of the RDC Secretariat explained that during the engagement, the RDCs will be reminded of their performances and core mandate as the representatives of the President in the Districts.


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