The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov says his country stands with Africa on its quest for complete liberation from foreign interference.

Lavrov made the remarks at a reception on the occasion of Africa Day on May 25.

“Please accept my warmest wishes on Africa Day, a holiday symbolising the aspirations of the countries on your continent for freedom, independence, peace and prosperity,” Lavrov said.

“We stand in solidarity with your demands for the complete liberation of Africa from the last vestiges of colonial legacy,” he added.

He explained that African states have achieved a great deal together over the past two decades, enjoy growing prestige on the global stage and play an increasingly important role in resolving important issues on the international agenda.

He says Russia has played a leading role in decolonisation and in consolidating decolonisation processes, as well as drafting UN resolutions. Unfortunately, some of them have been sabotaged by former metropolises to this day.

“Our country has always placed particular emphasis on expanding friendly relations with our African partners,” he notes.

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