Police have sealed off the Luwero district headquarters to start investigations into the night raid by unknown thugs.

On Wednesday night, thugs raided the Luwero district headquarters at around 9pm and sprayed the guards with chloroform and broke into several offices.

Alex Vuko, a guard at the district headquarters narrates that the attacker told him he had come to check some information on the noticeboard but he directed him to come back in the morning. Vuko adds that the attacker instead pulled a handkerchief from his pocket before he applied chloroform to the guard’s nose.

The thugs went ahead and threw another handkerchief containing chloroform into the house of another guard leaving him also unconscious.

The thugs later broke into the offices of the Chief Administrative Officer, Resident District Commissioner, LC 5 Chairman and departmental heads before they stole some computers. The thugs stole key documents, petty cash and also left several documents littered on the ground.

They later vandalized the Closed-circuit television (CCTV) system and disappeared through the back door of the district headquarters.

John Ojokuna, the Luwero District Police Commander explains that the staff learned about the incident in the morning after finding the offices broken and later alerted the Police before they rushed to the scene. Ojokuna adds that the two security guards were rushed to Luwero Hospital for treatment before they recorded a statements.

Ojokuna adds that Police deployed a sniffer dog to trace the thugs, but all in vain. The detectives are still in the offices to gather evidence about the raid.

Erastus Kibirango, the LC 5 Chairman of Luwero district said that the offices have been temporarily closed to enable detectives to gather evidence from the scene. Kibirango added that they are yet to establish the exact motive of the thugs and the items that are missing.

He admitted security lapses and promised to ensure these are addressed to avoid a repeat of the same.

When the story was filed, the district staff and clients were seen sitting under the trees and others returned home after finding their offices sealed off by Police.

Recently Luwero district has been under the spotlight over the alleged embezzlement of funds under the Parish Development Model programme. Police are already investigating some officials and others run over alleged embezzlement of funds. It’s not yet clear that the current break-ins are related to the missing funds.

Last year, unidentified thugs raided the Bukalasa zonal lands office and stole land titles among other key documents.  To date Police are yet to arrest the thugs.


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