The Uganda Vegan Society, a member of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), has announced that Hilton, Louvre Hotels Group, and Melià Hotels International have demonstrated commendable transparency in reporting their progress towards sourcing 100% cage-free eggs across their global portfolios.

This significant disclosure follows the recent launch of a global campaign by the OWA, urging hospitality companies to provide detailed plans for implementing cage-free egg policies.

Experts assert that caged systems contribute to stress, reproductive diseases, and poor bone health among egg-laying hens. By transitioning to cage-free egg sourcing, the suffering of nearly 861,000 hens in supply chains annually can be reduced.

In her statement, Innocent Nabaasa, Executive Director of the Uganda Vegan Society (UVS), commended the hotels for their commitment to transparency and ethical egg sourcing and she emphasized the importance of upholding these commitments globally urging for equitable reporting across all regions, including Africa and Uganda specifically.

“We at UVS applaud Hilton, Louvre Hotels Group, and Melià for their dedication to transparency and ethical practices in egg sourcing. We stand ready to assist them in overcoming any challenges to achieving this goal in Uganda,” she expressed.

Caitlin Campbell, Global Campaigns Coordinator for the OWA, highlighted the significance of the hotels’ commitments in promoting ethical supply chains and driving a more humane food system.

He urged other companies, including subsidiaries like Banyan Tree Group, to follow suit in reporting their cage-free progress regionally to maintain consumer and investor trust.

“We call on Banyan Tree Group to emulate the leadership shown by Hilton, Louvre, and Melia by reporting on their cage-free progress regionally. Failure to do so may risk losing trust from consumers and investors,” Campbell explained.

Presently, over 2,500 companies worldwide have made commitments to cage-free eggs, with many leading players in the hospitality industry having successfully transitioned to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs, including JetBlue, Dorchester Collection, Motel One, and Star Hotels.

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