The National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has asked party members and opposition politicians to stop trading their political beliefs for money.  

Kyagulanyi was on Wednesday addressing party supporters at Ntawo playground in Mukono Municipality where he noted that the government is using a money strategy to silence vibrant opposition leaders.

He also claimed to have been approached by persuasive handlers of President Museveni to abandon the struggle for money but resisted.  

Kyagulanyi accused Museveni of coercing several other members in his camp with money and the majority had fallen victims.

“They have several times contacted me for money to abandon the struggle but I have always reminded Museveni and his team that they are messing with a wrong character. I am driven by people power spirit and will remain focused on securing the best future for people.” Kyagulanyi said.  

Recently, Kyagulanyi fell out with the NUP Deputy President for Buganda region, Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba after he and other parliamentary commissioners awarded themselves 500 Million Shillings. 

Kyagulanyi told supporters that he advised Mpuuga to return the money and step down from the commissioner position but declined.

“I am now happy that some members from the NRM party have also turned against him. Our mission is changing leadership but also fighting corruption in the country. We shall continue to remind you to participate in elective politics because eventually, this government shall fall. It is the message we will continue preaching on all our tours” Kyagulanyi noted.

Kyagulanyi started their tour from Nakasajja before opening the Mukono North constituency party office at Kalagi.  They later attempted to visit the family of Muhammad Kanata, who went missing during the 2021 campaigns but were blocked by the police. 

The organizing committee had planned seven activities including opening party offices in the four counties of the district, recruitment, and declarations of new members, but all these did not happen.

Police mounted roadblocks at the major points entering the central business area to prevent Kyagulayi’s supporters from disrupting traffic and business. 

Police also rejected the venue that the NUP organizing committee had earlier set at the taxi park and Njogezi playground. They were ordered to use the Ntawo Playground.

Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Member of Parliament revealed that they wanted to use Njogezi playground, but police threatened to impound their sound system.   

Muwaga Kivumbi, the Member of Parliament for Butambala was dismayed by the police’s action saying they are only supposed to provide security protection but not to decide where they should hold the meetings. 


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