President Yoweri Museveni has called for the unity of the African people in order to for them to prosper and achieve strategic security.

He made the call at a press conference in the Union Buildings in Tshwane, South Africa, where he is at a one-day State Visit directed at consolidating bilateral relations between the two countries.

Citing some of related words in Bantu tribes in both Uganda and South Africa, President Museveni wondered why such people with commonalities are not united.

“Why do you find it difficult to unite these Africans?” Museveni asked. “Why did you find it difficult you people, who are similar getting together to deal with your prosperity and strategic security?”

According to President Museveni, Pan-Africanism should not be seen in its literal sense, but instead a scientific concept which should not be attached to any emotions of belonging or skin colour.

He said Africans need to decide if they need to be prosperous or not, and choice they make will determine their actions.

“Do you want to be prosperous or not, if you say our people want to be prosperous, you say yes if not you say no let them remain poor. But if you say yes I want the African people to be prosperous, then the next question is how they will be prosperous,” Museveni said on Tuesday.

“Because to be prosperous, you must have a good life, a good house, some income, good food, health, how will you get these – can you get them by donations? That somebody says don’t worry you sleep I will donate things to you, and you will be prosperous, if you think that one is possible, go by that,”he added.

He however said that his generation (which he referred to as a third anti-colonial movement after the initial ANC revolutionaries of 1912 and that of 1940s – that had Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumahas among others), believes that prosperity comes from education for all and production of goods and services as well as their market.

“Our understanding of prosperity comes from two lines; Line one is education for all, and I want to congratulate ANC, I am told that you are educating all these South Africans giving them modern education. In Uganda they are trying but greed overcomes them, they go back to charging money from poor people. We are still fighting for UPE and USE to be fully implemented. You wake up people through education,” said the President.

“The second line is, you produce goods and services and you sell them. Now the moment you know that in order to be prosperous, one of the lines is education, and the other producing a good or a service and selling it, then the next question is, who will buy your your good or your service?” he asked.

He said in Uganda, people earlier believe in tribal and religious sectarianism “and we were laughing at them – telling them that what they were believing in is a a hoax.” He said they believed that because they were asleep and didn’t know how to get prosperity.

“Now, when they woke up a bit and they started producing goods and services, they found that they needed the Uganda market – the 44 million people, but again they realized that the Ugandan market was not enough, they needed the East African market, they needed thr African Market,”

The President said whoever talks about Pan-Africanism should highlight how to deal with prosperity through the sale of goods and services to as many people as possible, explaining that it is one way of how to become prosperous.

The Ugandan leader further noted that African States can only get strategic security if they embraced Pan-Africanism in its logical sense, revealing that none can stand alone.

“Do you want strategic security against all threats? Now if you think Uganda can be secure alone, then you are deceiving yourself. That is why we the Pan-Africanists again tell you that if you want prosperity the answer is Pan-Africanism. Also, do you want strategic security – again the answer is Pan-Africanism, that is how you can get it,” said the President.

Before the Press Conference, President Museveni met his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa, at The Union Buildings, and witnessed the signing of several bilateral agreements, among other engagements.

President Museveni would then leave for Freedom Park where the history of the heroes that fought against Apartheid and for the Independence of South Africa is showcased.

After here, President Museveni and his host, H.E Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the Business Forum of Entrepreneurs from Uganda and South Africa at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand. The forum is being attended, among others; by several Ministers and Members of Parliament from Uganda.

Later in the evening President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted his guest to a State Dinner at Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guest House.

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 1, 2023, President Museveni will hold several business engagements before departure.

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