More than 850 million shillings disbursed for the construction of Seed Secondary School is lying idle on the accounts of Nakaseke district ahead of the closure of the financial year.

The Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development released over 850 million shillings for the construction of Kikamulo Seed Secondary School in Nakaseke district. The last quarterly release for the school was in April this year.

The construction is funded under Uganda Inter-Government Fiscal Transfers (UGFIT) programme.

However, a few weeks to the end of the financial year, the district is yet to utilize the funds over a lack of contractors to execute the works.

Ignatius Koomu Kiwanuka the LCV Chairperson Nakaseke District says that the funds remain unutilized because the Ministry of Education and Sports is yet to introduce to them the company awarded with the contract to construct the school.

Koomu says that they are now worried that money is likely to be taken back to the consolidated fund because they are unable to spend it within the next few weeks.

Koomu said that they have learned that these companies are awarded multiple construction projects under one batch and they can’t pull resources to do them at the same time causing a delay in execution.

He cited another project of construction of Kalege Health Center III which was supposed to be completed last year but was delayed and money was sent back to the consolidated fund after the contractor arrived late at the site.

Robert Senuu the LCIII Chairman of Kikamulo sub-county says that the residents were happy when in 2020 the Ministry of Education announced the construction of the first secondary school in the area.

Senuu adds that the Seed Secondary School is expected to save learners from trekking over 10 kilometers to schools in nearby town councils. Senuu however is disappointed that the construction is taking long yet the money is available.

“We had already mobilized 50 students who already studying in the temporary building as we wait for the construction of the school but we are frustrated over the delay. Last financial year, some money for the project was returned to consolidated and this year it is likely to happen again” Senuu said.

Allan Mayanja Ssebunya the Nakaseke Central Member of Parliament says that the procurement of contractors for local projects by the central government is a mockery of decentralization policy.

Dr. Dennis K. Mugimba the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and Sports declined to comment on the matter saying he had no information.

Doctor Joyce Moriku Kaducu the State Minister for Primary Education who is also acting Minister for Higher Education said she needed time to find out what has caused the delay.

In October last year, Members of Parliament on the committee of the National Economy expressed concern about delays in the completion of seed schools across the country.

This is after visiting several districts and finding works behind schedule. The MPs asked the Education ministry to stop awarding many contracts to a single company as this is affecting the completion of works.

Last year President Yoweri Museveni directed that all new government school and hospital projects be handled by the UPDF Engineering Brigade starting the 2021/ 2022 financial year.

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