Joseph Kabungo, a FIFA doping official died in Abuja NIgeria last night as a result of the riot that erupted at the MKO Abiola stadium after Nigeria drew 1-1 with Ghana to crash out of the Qatar world cup qualifier.

Nigerian fans invaded the pitch after the match, forcing players and officials to run for their dear life into the charging room. But Dr. Joseph Kabungo did not make it out alive.

One of the spectators recounts how this unfolded: “The angry fans beat him, he fell and they shrouded on him. He lost consciousness abd fell down. It was here when he was rushed to the ambulance closer to the Ghana dressing for CPR. The entire Ghanaian contingent watched on as resuscitation attempts were made with oxygen masks. He was then rushed in the hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

He us reported to have suffered a cardiac arrest during the commotion and was pronounced dead soon after.

Joseph Kabungo is CAF medical committee member who was also recently appointed to the FIFA medical committee. He served as the Zambian team doctor from 2003 to 2016.

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